Vibrational Energetic Healing - Sacred Self-Care

Transformation for the mind, body, & spirit

Letting go. Releasing. Purification. Spiritual awareness.

Letting go. Releasing. Purification. Spiritual awareness.

Purification Washing of the hands & feet with blessed herbal waters.

Anointing of the head, hands and or feet with sacred oils.

Sacred Heart healing gentle energy work with anointing of sacred oils.

Sacred Smoke clearing of the energy body, space, and objects with the use of sacred smoke in a sacred releasing ceremony using Frankincense, Copal, or Sage

Protection- working spiritually speaking with you, your guides, and your ancestors to impart blessings and spiritual guidance. Gentle energy body work.


Vibrational Healing sessions are intended to help one relax, release, and restore balance to the mind, body & soul. creating a safe, private, nurtured space for internal healing. This is a unique and highly personalized form of energy healing we achieve together. reminding one to create a self-care ritual for overall balance of the mind, body & soul.

Intuitive Tarot & Oracle Readings

Land & Home Office Clearing - ridding space of stale energy & restoring positive light filled energy & Imparting Blessings creating a clean sacred space.

Flower Essence Consultationsfor vibrational healing with flowers and trees.providing a teaching of which flower essences will best support your individual healing journey.